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Why Sushi?

Since I don’t actually have content for this meta site yet, here’s some fancy words I just strung together:

Many meetups are designed to disseminate information, but not bring communities together. However, talking with other people over food became my favorite part of meetups and conferences, so I decided to make a eatup built around that. - Terin Stock

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Join us

Join us and talk JavaScript while eating sushi. Pretty simple.

When you come to SushiJS do:

  • Bring interesting JavaScript topics.
  • Bring questions you've ran into while doing your work.
  • Bring ideas for interesting side projects.
  • Bring a smile.

To make it easiest for everyone when it's time to pay, I recommend bringing cash.

To create a safe and fun environment for everyone who shows up, all attendees are expected to follow the SushiJS Tokyo Code of Conduct. TL;DR: Don't be a jerk.

If you've RSVP and can't make it, please update your RSVP. It's difficult to coordinate with the restaurant for tables if I don't have an accurate number.

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Ended 2015/08/26(Wed) 19:30〜

SushiJS Tokyo - August 26, 2015

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東京都 渋谷区 道玄坂 2-6-15 鈴井ビル 3F


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